Ali Vasquez & Todd Frain

Academy of Ballet – 2910 1st Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Ali Vasquez is a local artist, originally from Los Angeles, California with strong ties to her El Salvadorian heritage. Ali studies at Creative Clay, where her colorful designs have been featured in collective art shows. Her first solo art show occurred last year at Strands Of Sunshine on Central Ave.

Todd Frain is a local artist and teaching artist at Creative Clay. His work has been showcased in exhibits at Blue Lucy, The Bends, Black Amethyst and more. Todd will help bring Ali’s bold characters to life on a large scale.

Creative Clay is an organization that provides educational, expressive and vocational opportunities in the arts for people with obstacles to arts access. They serve people with developmental, physical and emotional disabilities, as well as people in healthcare settings, children, veterans, and provide outreach art experiences in our community.

You can find Ali and Todd painting their mural on the north wall of the Academy of Ballet at 2914 1st Ave N, sponsored by Hal Freedman and Willi Rudowsky.